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Benefits of using Ansio Oil Filled Radiator

Winters are here and staying comfortable becomes impossible in sub-zero temperatures. So, an oil-filled heater comes to the rescue to combat the chill, especially in poorly insulated homes. It contributes to creating a pleasant ambient room temperature to work or sleep. What images spring to mind when you consider an oil-filled radiator? Is it a reliable, portable backup for when your central heating fails or a smart and safe option with top-notch technology? The oil-filled electric radiators come in various styles, but they all have one thing in common: they're all notable, sought-after home heating choices. There are reasons they're one of the most popular electric heaters, so if you're not sure what they'll do to you, here are the primary benefits of the best Ansio oil-filled radiator heater.

Minimal Noise

A fan is used in many heaters to force hot air out. On the other hand, the oil-filled radiator does not have a fan and runs nearly silently. The only sound you're likely to hear is the thermostat clicking now and then.

High Heat Retention & Less Energy Consumption

Since thermal fluid transfers heat into the room while warming the surrounding air, oil-filled radiators are excellent at retaining heat. It has an extraordinary capacity to stay warm and hold heat for extended periods, ensuring efficient energy usage. The combination of high heat retention and the auto-cut feature results in minimal power use. The oil-filled heaters have an inbuilt thermostat. The thermostat shuts off the device when the heater reaches the specified temperature.


Ansio’s oil-filled radiator comes with wheels, making it relatively easy to carry from one area to another. There is no denying that oil-filled heaters are elegant and look well in any space. Unlike conventional room heaters, they have castor wheels to move efficiently. Thanks to the castor wheels at the base of the Ansio oil-filled radiator, you can effortlessly transport the heater around your house to the ideal spot. You have options to set the temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius with the remote control or manually via the heater's control panel from the comfort of your couch.

Adjustable speed and thermostat These heaters, like many others, include thermostats that allow you to control the heat level in a specific area. Also, you can increase or decrease the power depending on your requirements.

The Oil-Filled Radiator Heater from Ansio will help you easily get through the winter while warming up your surroundings. You may use the heater in three different power modes, depending on your needs:

  • Low-power mode at 1000 watts

  • Medium-power mode at 1300 watts

  • High-power mode at 2300 watts

Safe to use Some heaters become so hot that simply touching them might cause severe burns to you or your child. Fortunately, this has never been trouble for anyone with an oil-filled radiator. The surface heats up, but not to the point of burning your skin. Furthermore, access to the heating element is unavailable; this is the oil within the radiator. The heater is significantly safer than similar appliances as you can't touch it.

Oil-filled heaters have safety features, and a tip-over sensor and overheating prevention are among the functions.

When the heater is tipped over at an angle, its tip-over sensor turns off the power. When there are children around, this function comes in helpful. So, you need not be concerned if your heater inadvertently topples over.

The built-in thermostat regulates overheating prevention. The temperature does not rise over a predetermined level; when it reaches the desired temperature, the device shuts down. There is no overheating here.

Child Lock/Memory/Timer/Eco Feature It has a child lock feature that disables all the buttons on the control panel to guarantee safety around children. The last used settings are retained with the Memory Function when you switch off and, on the heater, again. This oil-filled radiator heater features a timer feature that can be set from 1 to 24 hours to start or stop the heater, so you won't forget to turn it off! It also features an Eco Mode which helps with energy efficiency and power saving. The heater will automatically set the power level for optimal energy efficiency by comparing the set and room temperature when you select the Eco mode.

Ansio continues to provide you with top-of-the-line, safe-to-use oil-filled radiator heaters by employing cutting-edge technology.

We have a broad choice of oil-filled electric radiators from your kitchen to your living room to meet your needs. Choose from our wide range of sleek and sophisticated models that will complement any décor. Electric radiators, unlike central heating, are maintenance-free and require no upkeep, making them hassle-free solutions wherever they're placed. In only a few clicks, you could enjoy the advantages of an oil-filled electric radiator, so browse our selection to choose the best oil-filled radiator heater for your home.

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