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Why is a desk fan replacing ceiling fans

When summer approaches, people begin looking for the best quality desk fan to help them escape the unbearable heat and sweats. There are many different types of desk fans on the market, but you should choose one that will provide you with the most benefits.

It is said to be more efficient than the ceiling fans as desk fans are ideal to be used in personal spaces and are easily portable. On the other hand, ceiling fans are not in this category, and they are immovable and cannot be moved from one location to another. Let us quickly see why people like portable desk fans rather than ceiling fans.

Space Savvy

Large, heavy cooling appliances are not trendy. A space-saving desk fan is just what you need, for your personal space at home/office. You can use electric desk fans in practically any room! They are simple to install and do not necessitate sophisticated installation processes. You may use a desk fan for home and office purposes.


A mini desk fan is an excellent addition to any room. Not only does it provide outstanding cooling, but it is also a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution than alternatives like air conditioners.

Small, Durable and Easy to maintain

It is readily portable and needs very little maintenance. They come with a sturdy base, and their ease of use with oscillation/ titling options makes it worth the buy.

Great value for your money

It is easily transportable and can be used to produce a cooling effect in small/ personal spaces instead of using an air-conditioner to cool down the entire room. They are easy to maintain, durable and cost-effective.


Isn't being able to transport your small desk fan from room to room and get customised cooling sounds ideal for those hot afternoons? Desk fans, unlike other heavy or mounted appliances into the wall, are relatively easy, lightweight, and handy to move about. One of the most crucial features of a table fan is its portability!

Ansio offers the best desk fan which is portable, simple and good value for the money to beat the summer heat, and it comes with speed settings to choose from for your convenience. The fan head has a vertical angle adjustment for fine-tuning the airflow direction. The portable and lightweight design enables easy transport between rooms—ideal for usage at home or in the office.

Aside from its powerful features, Ansio oscillating desk fans are also intended to give your workplace and home a new and appealing appearance. Ansio offers many coloured desk fans for you to choose from like pink, white, blue, and black desk fans in various sizes like the 6-inch Mini Electric Desk Fan, and 9-inch oscillating fan.

Check out our unique selection online to get the perfect desk fan for your house!

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