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Ansio Christmas lights to brighten up your home

Ansio Christmas lights to brighten up your home

How to use Ansio Christmas lights this season to brighten up your home or office space

Christmas trees are a pleasure to put up year after year, whether at home or in the office. Be it kids or adults, the excitement this entails is incredible. Here are some common questions that we at Ansio would like to answer to help you set up your Christmas trees and use different types of lights to adorn them. Let us delve deeper first into some legends to do with Christmas.

Why do we put up a Christmas tree?

We can practically hear the jingle bells ringing in the distance as we anxiously anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus and the goodies.

We become obsessed with the to-do list in the run-up to the event. One of the important traditions is to buy the Christmas tree, buy the baubles, tree lights to decorate the tree.

Why do we have the Christmas tree decorated?

A star, tinsel, tree lights, baubles and several other ornaments are tied to the Christmas tree branches to dangle throughout the season. Here is the history.

The star atop the Christmas tree

We frequently receive a vast star, all glittered up, gorgeous, and exquisite, to place on top of the tree; isn’t that stunning? Its significance stems from the fact that this star resembles the gleaming star of Bethlehem that led the three Magi to the stable where Jesus was born.

The essential Christmas carols

The bells represent the guide who calls out to the lost sheep to bring them back home.

The tinsel draped around the Christmas tree.

The tinsel that swirls around the Christmas tree prompts us of the teeny sparks of fire that Joseph ignited to keep Mary and infant Jesus warm in the stable.

The dazzling tree lights.

The tree is always attractively lighted with tree string lights. The lights represent the zillions of stars that shine in the vast sky.

The glistening Christmas baubles

The spherical and gleaming baubles are reminiscent of the heavenly treasures.

The adorable and brilliantly gilded bows

The crimson bows on the tree represent an auspiciously strong link of goodwill that will last eternally among us.


The wreath, one of the essential decorative objects, represents a father’s power of love. It just reminds us that natural and undivided love has neither beginning or the end.

The Candy canes on the Christmas Tree

Its value rests on its distinctive form. The form resembles Shepherd’s staff, which directed the sheep. After all, the shepherds were the first to witness Jesus Christ’s birth.

Finally, the significance of the presents at the base of the tree

The presents in total remind us of the most precious gift we got through Him – ‘eternal life,’ which He gave on us

when He sacrificed His life for us. Well, if you are fascinated enough with all these facts, consider what Ansio has to offer this Christmas.


While everybody has a different taste and choice when it comes to Christmas lighting & decorations, a few types of lights always remain favourites.

Here are the top 3 categories of Ansio lights that will help you make the right choice.

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