Gardening is an excellent way to relax, connect with nature, and get your hands filthy all at the same time. However, hidden in that lovely atmosphere are some deadly bacteria and fungi that can be harmful. As a result, we must be cautious when using gardening gloves and other protective gear. Soils are home to a diverse range of bacteria and fungus, which are healthy and aid in breaking down organic materials. However, just as pathogenic bacteria coexist with beneficial bacteria in your body, some soil microbes can cause substantial harm if allowed to enter the body. Cuts, scratches, and splinters are common causes of this. Browse our selection of garden gloves, choose the best fit for you, and eliminate the issues mentioned above in your garden.
Although not everyone likes them, wearing gloves in the garden is necessary to avoid thorn pricks, splinters, and painful blisters. The kind of gardening glove you choose, on the other hand, is just as vital as selecting the gardening tools.

Gardening Gloves to Choose

Gardeners wear gloves for various purposes, including 

  • Keeping hands and fingernails clean and dry. 
  • Gardening gloves avoid blisters and calluses at all costs.
  • Preventing cuts and scrapes from becoming infected, protecting existing cuts and bruises from becoming infected,
  • Protecting skin from potentially harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides
  • Safety against fungal infections caused by specific plants or gardening materials

How is Arvo Gardening Gloves unique?

Garden leather gloves provide excellent breathability, a comfortable grip, and flexibility for fine motor activities in the garden. It is scratch and thorn resistant, ideal for thorny shrubs, roses and other prickly plants. These gloves are excellent for weeding, trimming, mowing, cleaning up the lawn, picking, and other gardening tasks. When carrying gardening accessories, the ergonomic design ensures comfort and durability. Leather garden gloves protect against thorns, thistles, brambles, and splinters. It's great for roses, blackberries, and prickly shrubs—genuine leather gloves of high quality and flexibility, with a soft fleece lining for a comfortable fit. A thornproof sleeve protects the hands and arms.
These gloves are composed of soft, pleasant-to-the-touch leather that is durable and detergent-friendly. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed to be 100 per cent, and we have garden gloves for men and women.