What is unique about our Ansio Egg Boiler

Prepare a nutritious meal every day with our Instant Egg Boiler. Our Ansio Egg Boiler can cook seven crack-free soft, medium, or hard eggs at once by simply placing them in the pot, covering them with water using the one-touch operation. It can cook up to seven boiled eggs at one time and comes with a bowl for poaching eggs or creating omelettes. The included measuring cup contains marking instructions for water to cook eggs according to your preference. You can stay relaxed since the automated power off option switches the device off when the process finishes.

Cooking is made easy with Ansio Cookpot.

Spend less time in the kitchen and cook like a pro with our Ansio Cook Pot. Faster than traditional cooking and operates more efficiently, ensuring that food is cooked faster and nutritious. Our Cookpot features a user-friendly control panel with 15 customised cooking programs for easy operation. With pressure and time adjustments, we have a Programmable Cooker and Cookpot to take the place of various appliances. Have your pick now and enjoy a delicious meal in no time.