Significant features of Ansio cluster lights

Christmas Cluster Lights

1. Timer Function

Ansio energy-efficient cluster lights have a timer function. This function provides set-and-forget functionality. When the lights are turned on, they will stay on for 8 hours and then turn off for 16 hours. Ansio Cluster lights are low voltage cluster lights that are powered by the mains.

How to turn on the Ansio Cluster lights timer?

You can turn it on by pushing the white frosted button on the power adapter twice quickly until it illuminates green. The timer feature is triggered when the green light turns on.

Eight hours ON/16 hours OFF

It will turn on the timer feature for 8 hours before turning it off. The timer will automatically turn back on after 16 hours and function for the next 8 hours. For instance, if you want the timer to start at 7 p.m., quickly press the mode button twice at that time until it flashes green, and the timer starts. The LEDs will turn off at 3 a.m., turn back on at 7 p.m. the next day, turn off at 3 a.m., and so on.

How to turn off the Ansio Cluster lights timer?

To switch off the Timer function, press the mode button twice quickly until the green light turns off. The timer is not activated if there is no green light on the power adapter.

2. Eight light modes

Multifunctional Ansio LED Cluster Lights come with eight different functions: 1. Combination 2. Steady On 3. Slow Fade 4. In Waves 5. Slow Glow 6. Chasing/Flash 7. Sequential 8. Twinkle/Flash modes, including a static setting.

3. Memory Function

The LED lights include a memory feature that saves the last used mode function so that you don't have to reset the lights the next time you switch them on. You may choose your preferred mode by pressing a white frosted button on the mains adaptor. For example, if you pick chasing flash mode, it will remain selected even if you turn the lights off. When they have turned on again, there is no need to reset them. We now have a good picture of the outstanding qualities that these Ansio cluster lights provide. Let's have a look at how to decorate with cluster lights now.